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August 2022 Newsletter

Updated: May 3, 2023

Message from the Editor: Late Summer Edition

And just like that, the season is coming to a close. Where does the time go? It seems one day we are talking about the garage sale, drama camp and scholarship deadlines in May and all of the sudden the conversation shifts to the season end Wrap Party and auditions for next season. I guess the old adage "Time flies when you're having fun" has been proven true again.

There is information in this issue about the remaining 2022 events; the Director's Workshop, It's a Wrap Party and 2023 production auditions. A 2022 season recap and the 2023 season preview are also covered.

The financial review Report for 2021 will be made available for members to view via a special notification which will be sent to members only and there is information about a brand new web site coming online next year. We also recognize all of our Committee Chairs and Volunteers who made the 2022 season possible.

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. Your questions and comments are always appreciated and welcomed. Use the SUGGESTIONS button in the sidebar or CLICK HEREto leave your message.

Dan Slocum



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Brand New Web Site Coming in 2023! web site has served the organization and our members and patrons well for over 15 years. Our Web Master, Ed Werzyn and Content Manager, Phil Howard have been indispensable and the organization owes them a great debt of gratitude for their service. (CLICK HERE to read a farewell letter from Ed). But all good things must come to an end. People move on and time marches into the ever-changing future. We thank Ed and Phil for their dedication to Pinewood Players and wish them both well. Change is inevitable and we can look forward to a new, exciting website experience in 2023. Cindy Smith is heading up the project to transition to the new site early next year. In the meantime, the current site will be placed in maintenance mode in mid-to-late September. Limited functionality will remain available on the site such as the ability to download 2023 membership forms and the Drama Camp Pre-registration capability until the new site is ready. We will provide additional information as it is available.

Stay Tuned for information on the new Coming in 2023!


2022 Online Ticket Sales have Closed for the Season

A big THANK YOU to all who used our convenient online ticket service to purchase tickets for the 2022 events. Pinewood Players now sells over 75% of our event tickets online. The online ticket sales will transition to the new website early next year. We do not anticipate significant changes in the online ticket purchase system as a result of the new website but we will keep you informed. Ticket sales will re-open in March 2023. The Ticket Hotline is also closed for the season and will resume service on May 1, 2023.


Don't Delay! Join Pinewood Players Now!

2023 Membership Forms now available

Why wait until next year to join? Join now and ensure your place in the 2023 Directory! Support live theater in Munds Park!

Membership dues are only $10 Single or $18 Family.

Donations are fully tax-deductible and you may designate your donation for the benefit of our Scholarship Fund, Drama Camp Fund, or the Capital Fund that supports theater maintenance and improvements.

Questions regarding membership may be directed to our Membership Chairperson, Anne Hess at (626) 664-0054 or email


Thank You Pinewood Players

We want to thank all of our Committee Chairs and Volunteers for their service to the organization this season. Pinewood Players is an organization of volunteers. It could not exist without the talents and unselfish dedication of our members and supporters who volunteer their time and effort to do all of the jobs that must be done to produce a successful season.

Thank you all for your contributions to a successful 2022 season of Theater in the Pines! You're the BEST!


2022 Season Recap

2022 was another smashing success kicked off by the Community-Wide Garage Sale for the benefit of the Pinewood Players Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the efforts of our Scholarship Chairperson Terri Peach and all the volunteers who pitched in to work the sale, $3500 was raised for the fund.

The recipient of the Pinewood Players 2022 Scholarship Award was Curt "CJ" Hansen. In addition to his academic and leadership qualifications, CJ attended four Pinewood Players Drama Camps. He was the second member of his family to receive the award. His sister Maggie won the Scholarship Award in 2019. The month of June brought us the first production of the 2022 season, Deathtrap. This production has been touted as the most unique ever produced on the Pinewood Playhouse mainstage. Directed by Sandy Dyke and assisted by Jayne Heckman, the actors came to life in a tale of murder and deceit with more twists and turns than Schnebly Hill Road. John Dyke, Burl Seaton and Carlos Navarrete created a perfect "carriage house" set and actors Les Maurseth, Cathie Rasmussen, Tom Harris, Cindy Smith and Kathy Vogt were cast perfectly in the roles and performed flawlessly. In June we also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the opening of the Pinewood Playhouse with an open house. The entire Munds Park community was invited. Complimentary theater tours and ice cream were provided for the pleasure of the celebrants and a fun time was had by all! The annual June General Membership Meeting was held as prescribed by the organization's Bylaws. Drama Camp 2022 commenced on June 21 and ran through July 11. Summer Camp: A Musical Caper was the production and the Camp Runamok set created by Burl Seaton was spectacular. The 34 Drama Camp participants were given the opportunity to ride on the Camp Runamok float in the July Fourth Parade (the float was also created and powered by Burl). Four performances of the Summer Camp: A Musical Caperproduction were performed in July to sell out audiences of proud parents, grandparents, family members and Pinewood Players supporters. Under the direction of Jennifer Adams and Samantha Isley the camp and performances were again overwhelming successes and Ms. Jenn and Ms. Sam have already agreed to return for another encore next season. Kudos to Nancy Cummings and Lu Cross for another unforgettable experience for kids and adults alike. Also in July Reader's Theater returned to the Pinewood Playhouse mainstage for the first time in a decade. Elyse Webber produced and directed the production and added fun "twists" that made this a totally unique and very different version of Reader's Theater. The production included humorous skits, slapstick and songs performed by both seasoned and novice actors. The result was a fun filled event that was enjoyed by both the audience and the actors. In August Elyse again shared her producing and directing prowess with our audiences as she presented a very entertaining "whodunnit" murder mystery event that was a great audience favorite. The show was a one act play full of clever, witty dialog delivered in rare form by a large cast of both veteran and novice actors.

Also in August the second General Membership Meeting was held. During the meeting the annual Board of Directors election was held. The members in attendance elected three new Board Members to serve for the 2023-2024 seasons. See the Election Results article below for details. There are still a few more events left on our August Schedule; the Director's Workshop, the Wrap Party and 2023 Auditions are still to come later this month. See the Remaining Events Section below for details. And last but not least let's not forget that we added the most recent member of the Pinewood Players Family "The Bear" donated by Troy and Betsy Froderman!


2023 Preview

If you attended the August General Members meeting on August 13 you heard the Directors of the 2023 productions give synopses of their plays. For those who did not attend, below are brief descriptions of the plays for next season. June production: Four Old Broads Director: Cindy Smith Synopsis: Retired burlesque queen Beatrice Shelton desperately needs a vacation – and NOT another trip up to Helen, Georgia to see that “precious little German village for the umpteenth time.” A Sassy Seniors Cruise through the Caribbean may be just the ticket if she can just convince her best friend, Eaddy Mae Clayton, to stop praying and go with her. Unfortunately, things have not been very pleasant at Magnolia Place Assisted Living since Nurse Pat Jones began working there. The newest resident, Imogene Fletcher, is suddenly losing her memory. Maude Jenkins is obsessed with her favorite soap opera and planning her own funeral. Sam Smith, retired Elvis impersonator, keeps trying to bed every woman in the building. A mystery unfolds with laughter as the gals try to outsmart the evil Nurse Pat Jones and figure out why so many residents have been moved to “the dark side,” what exactly IS that mysterious pill, and what happened to Doctor Head? Hilarity ensues as Imogene goes undercover and Maude enters the Miss Magnolia Senior Citizen Pageant to throw Pat off their trail. If they can solve the mystery, they may make it to the cruise ship after all. July Production: Now and Then Director: Les Maurseth Synopsis: It’s 1981 and a young bartender (Jamie) is closing up one night, when there is a flash of red light outside. Thinking it’s an ambulance going by, he ignores it. Moments later, an older man (Jimmy) comes in for a quick one. They talk for a bit and get on to the subject of Jamie’s aspiring career as a pianist — he’s about to take time off from everything to just study and gig. Jimmy tells him to go for it, that he’ll regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn’t. At that, a young woman (Abby, Jamie’s girlfriend) enters the bar. They talk about life, careers, destiny, and finally, Jimmy tells them an unbelievable story about himself…that they don’t believe. As Jimmy is about to leave, there is another flash of red light and an older woman enters. She is not at all pleased. This is a story about love, following your dreams (or not) and the costs of the decisions we make.

August Production: The Wild Women of Winedale Director: Sandra Dyke Synopsis: This joyful and exuberant, yet ultimately touching, comedy focuses on three women at crossroads in their lives—the Wild sisters of Winedale, Virginia—Fanny and Willa and their frustratingly quirky sister-in-law Johnnie Faye. This feisty and fun-loving trio has supported and cheered one another through life’s highs and lows through the years, including the early demise of two of their husbands. And they really need each other now, as Fanny experiences a hilariously inappropriate reaction to her 60th birthday, while Willa is so stressed out from her nursing job she resorts to vodka and speed-knitting to cope, and Johnnie Faye, determined to put her year of fraught widowhood behind her, desperately tries to find a man—preferably a man with a house, since hers is somewhere at the bottom of a Florida sinkhole. These women’s lives are further upended by the responsibility of caring for their free-spirited, ailing aunt and the realization that they are drowning under loads of family keepsakes and possessions nobody wants—especially them! With equal doses of hilarity and heart, these extraordinary women come up with delightful and surprisingly unorthodox ways to clear the clutter from their lives, their homes and their relationships so they can move their lives forward. Together they prove it’s never too late to take another one of life’s paths for a grand new adventure. Drama Camp Production: At the Bandstand Directors: Jennifer Adams and Samantha Isley Synopsis: When Rockin' Robin, host of the hit TV show At The Bandstand!, announces an on-air dance-off to join the popular Bandstand Kids, Cindy and her gaggle of girlfriends jump at the chance! But in order to succeed, Cindy will need to outshine the spoiled daughter of the show's corporate sponsor. This musical is an absolute blast from the past, with familiar '50s songs, clever characters, and hilarious punch lines to spare! Songs include At The Bandstand!; Rockin' Robin; Save The Last Dance For Me; Johnny Angel; Sh-Boom; Splish Splash; Shake, Rattle And Roll; and Great Balls Of Fire.


2022 Improvements & Investments

Below is a list of improvements and investments approved and implemented by the Board of directors in 2022.

  • New Digital Lighting Control System

  • LED Stage Lights

  • New Display Case for Current Event Posters Installed on West Exterior Wall of Playhouse (Donation)

  • Programmable Scrolling Sign for Ticket Office Window (Donation)

  • Renovation of Playhouse Sign at North Entrance to Patio

  • Contribution to Paver Pathway Leading to Playhouse

  • Carved Bear with Signage (Donation)


2022 Board of Directors Election

On August 13 the 2022 Board of Directors election took place during the August General Members Meeting. Three new Board Members were elected by the attending members to serve for the 2023-2024 seasons. The new Board Members are Lu Cross, Judy Harris and Joy Stevens. They will replace retiring members Diann Ereth, Betsy Froderman, Terri Peach and Marge Welch.

We congratulate the newly elected members and thank the retiring members for their contributions and service to the organization. The new members will be officially seated and will receive their Board assignments in the September Organizational Meeting in which Officers will be elected for the 2023 season. The organization is still in need of a Treasurer. According to the Bylaws of the organization, the Treasurer may be appointed by the Board of Directors and may or may not be a voting member of the Board. If you have an interest in filling this role for the organization please contact Cathie Rasmussen (480)563-5503 email: or Dan Slocum (480)415-8410 email for additional information.


Financial Review - 2021

The Bylaws of Pinewood Players, Inc. require that a financial review be done for the previous year of operations and that a report be provided to the membership. The report is traditionally summarized for the members in one of the two bi-annual General Membership Meetings held during the season. This year there were extenuating circumstances that prevented the report from being completed in time for the final Membership Meeting on August 13. The report will be completed in the next two weeks and will be made available for the members of Pinewood Players to view. We thank you for your patience. A separate special notice will be sent to all members providing access the 2021 Financial Review Report as soon as it is available. We wish to express our sincere thanks to Jane Edwards who has done the financial review for the organization for the past several years. This is an important role and Jane takes the task very seriously. She always produces a thorough and complete report to assure Pinewood Players members that our financial records meet best accounting practice guidelines and are a correct and accurate representation of our assets, income and expenditures. If you have any questions about this report or the review procedure and process please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Directors at


Pinewood Players Presents Wrap Party "Playhouse Rock"

First there was Jail House Rock, song and movie made famous by Elvis Presley. Then came School House Rock the animated, educational snippets for kids that aired on Saturday mornings between cartoons. Now Pinewood Players presents "Playhouse Rock" to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Pinewood Playhouse. The festivities will begin at 5:30 pm sharp! Look forward to an evening of fun, good food, libations, line dancing and more! See below for complete information. If you have made your reservations for the event we will see you there!

Date: August 25 Time: 5:30 - 9:00 pm Location: Pinewood Country Club Northernaire Room Cost: $15 per person Menu: Cheeseburger sliders, potato wedges, pretzel bites w/beer mustard, cheese curds with marinara sauce Cash Bar: Cash or member charge accepted. Entertainment: DJ Brian Obillo, "Oldies" theme Reservations Required.


Director's Workshop

Wednesday, August 24 at 2:30 pm

This interesting, enlightening and educational session will be based on material developed by Les Maurseth. Les has compiled a Director's Guide based on his extensive experience acting and directing on the Pinewood Playhouse stage and he will host the event. If you were ever curious about exactly what the director's responsibilities are and how they are most effectively executed to create the magical performances you watch unfold on the Pinewood Playhouse mainstage, you will enjoy this informative session. Make a reservation to attend this entertaining workshop which will reveal secrets of the trade for directing successful amateur theater productions. Fill out the contact form with your name, email, telephone number, put Directors Workshop in the Subject Line and click to submit the form. You may also send an email to or contact Les Maurseth directly at (602)329-5425 or email: for more information. Everyone is welcome to attend whether you intend to direct or are just interested in gaining insight into the craft of directing theatrical events.


2023 Auditions

Saturday, August 27 at 9 am Sunday, August 28 at 1 pm

Calling all actors and actresses. Auditions for the 2023 Pinewood Players productions will be held in the Pinewood Playhouse on the dates and times shown above. Pinewood Players will present three full-length plays in 2023 requiring 13 female and 3 male roles as described below: June Production: Four Old Broads Director: Cindy Smith (602)478-1640 email: Cast: 6 female, 1 male July Production: Now and Then Director: Les Maurseth (602)329-5425 Cast: 2 female, 2 male August Production: The Wild Women of Winedale Director: Sandra Dyke (602)361-4382 Cast: 5 female Anyone interested in acting in these productions should attend one the auditions days listed above. If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled audition sessions you may contact the Directors listed above to arrange for an audition at an alternate date and time.


Message from the Outgoing President

On August 13 I presided over my final Pinewood Players official meeting as President. After five years serving as President I will be moving into an advisory role for the upcoming season to advise the Board of Directors and the new incoming President who will be elected by the Board in September. I want to thank the members of Pinewood Players for their support over the past five seasons. I also want to say special thanks to the members of the Board of Directors, both past and present. It was my privilege to be associated with these talented, dedicated individuals. Together, we worked to guide the organization through a number of challenges including surviving a pandemic in order to preserve this vibrant, resilient organization and to ensure its continued service to the community of Munds Park. Thank you for your trust and for the opportunity to lead this unique, talented organization. It has been my pleasure to serve. I will continue to support Pinewood Players in any way that I can in the future. Best wishes to the incoming President and the

2023 Board of Directors. Dan Slocum President Pinewood Players, Inc.


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