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Pinewood Players Productions in 2023

Pinewood Players will present 3 full length plays in the Pinewood Playhouse this season. For the first time in five years the theater’s mainstage will be lit for full length performances every month of the summer season.  


The June production will be Four Old Broads written by Leslie Kimbell, distributed by Concord Theatrical and directed by Jayne Heckman. Jayne has been a prolific actress on the Pinewood Playhouse stage over the past several seasons and was Assistant Director for Deathtrap this past season. Four Old Broads is a bawdy comedy about a retired burlesque queen, her best friend and a wacky group of misfits living in a senior assisted living facility. Beatrice, the former queen of the stage is trying to convince her best friend Eaddy Mae to join her on a “Sassy Seniors” Caribbean vacation cruise.  Other eccentric residents include Imogene who is losing her memory and Maude who is obsessed with her soap opera and planning her own funeral. Add a retired Elvis impersonator, an evil nurse, a mysterious pill, the disappearance of the resident doctor and a senior beauty pageant to the mix and you have the formula for a hilarious storyline that is sure to have you laughing until your sides hurt. 


In July Pinewood Players will present the heartfelt romantic comedy-drama Now and Then. The play was written by Sean Grennan and is presented by special arrangement with Playscripts. Les Maurseth will direct. Les has been a regular in the Pinewood Playhouse for years. He has acted in and directed multiple plays since his mainstage debut in 2013. The play is set in a neighborhood bar at closing time. The young bartender is about to lock up when a stranger appears, an older man who offers the bartender money to sit and have a drink with him. Conversation ensues and they are later joined by the bartender’s girlfriend and ultimately by an older woman. The plot unfolds a poignant tale about love, following your dreams (or not) and the costs of the decisions we make.  This is a “must see” for your summer entertainment repertoire.


August brings the season finale as Pinewood Players presents The Wild Women of Winedale. The play was written by the prolific playwright team of Hope, Wooten and Jones and is performed through license arrangements with Dramatist Play Services. Sandra Dyke will return for an encore to direct the production after her successful debut directing Deathtrap this past season. This play is a joyful, exuberant, yet ultimately touching comedy focusing on three women at a crossroads in their lives. The Wild sisters and their frustratingly quirky sister-in-law have supported and cheered one another through life’s highs and lows through the years, including the early demise of two of their husbands. These feisty, fun loving women’s lives are further upended by the responsibility of caring for their free-spirited, ailing aunt and the realization that they are drowning under loads of family keepsakes and possessions nobody wants—especially them! With equal doses of hilarity and heart, these extraordinary women come up with delightful and surprisingly unorthodox ways to clear the clutter from their lives, their homes and their relationships. Together they prove it’s never too late to take another one of life’s paths for a grand new adventure. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by this unique live theater experience. 


In addition to the plays above, Pinewood Players Youth Drama Camp will perform At the Bandstand in July. The play is a nostalgic look back at the 1950's staged around a fun script based on the classic American Bandstand TV show with lots of early classic rock’n’roll songs and dancing. Expect lots of poodle skirts, white tee shirts, pony tails and bouffant and pompadour hairstyles! Parents and grandparents will love watching the kids perform these classics as much as the kids will enjoy learning the songs and dances. Don’t miss it! 


What a spectacular line up for 2023! Mark your calendar and check our ads in The Pinewood News for dates and times for these fantastic plays next summer.  Visit our web site for performance details and tickets.  We hope to see you at the Pinewood Playhouse this summer! 

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