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Our Scholarship awards are intended to aid students who have a close connection to Munds Park, maintain high scholastic grade averages, and demonstrate leadership qualities.


The intent of the Pinewood Players Scholarship is to promote education in all fields related to Performing Arts: Theater, Music, Dance, Technical Fields such as lighting, sound, scene design, and as an educator in any of these areas.

Students who attended at least two Pinewood Players Drama Camps are now eligible to apply for the PWP Scholarship to focus on disciplines other than the arts. The expectation is that a successful candidate will complete appropriate coursework regardless of the higher education discipline they choose to pursue.


Pinewood Players will award up to two scholarships of $2000 each to the most qualified applicants each year. Preference will be given to graduating high school seniors; however, college students can be considered. A qualifying student will be required to enroll as a full-time student attending any accredited two- or four-year college or university without regard to location.


Who is eligible?   

  • Applicants must have a parent or grandparent as a current member of Pinewood Players.

  • Awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and the Board.



  • Experience in high school drama or community theater productions, either onstage or backstage or attendance of two years or more of PWP Drama Camp.

  • Experience in other Performing Arts activities and/or producing, or attendance of two years or more of Pinewood Players Youth Drama Camp.

  • Academic performance: maintenance of a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.



Along with a completed Pinewood Players Scholarship Program application, the following information is required.

  • A one-page, double-spaced essay on how the applicant expects to use his or her education.

  • List of classes expected to be taken in fields related to Performing Arts

  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or guidance counselor

  • The applicant’s official high school or college transcript 

  • List of extracurricular activities

  • Applicant's work experience and Performing Arts experience, including backstage support and producing. 


Applicants should understand that by submitting this application, their names and photographs may be used by the Pinewood Players for future promotional purposes.


Criteria that will be considered by the Board of Directors Selection Committee:

  • Work experience

  • Essay

  • Recommendations 

  • School transcript 

  • Experience in Performing Arts, including backstage support and/or producing.

  • Please enclose an 8 x 10 photograph of yourself.


Application Deadline 

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program applications must be postmarked by May 31. Scholarship awards will be announced on June 12.


How to Apply

  • Download the Pinewood Players Scholarship Program application

  • Collect the Required information and photo

  • Mail everything to:


Pinewood Players Scholarship Program

Attention: Joy Stevens

P.O. Box 17366    

Munds Park, AZ 86017


Contact Joy Stevens, Scholarship Committee Chair, at:

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