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We invite you to become a Pinewood Players member and to get involved in becoming a part of our organization. Annual membership is only $15 for a single member and $25 for a family.

Benefits of Membership

As a member, you will be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of bringing live theater to our community. Other membership benefits include:

  • Attending summer social events

  • Serving as a volunteer on or off the stage

  • Serving as a Director and/or Officer*

  • Voting for candidates for the Board of Directors

  • Children/grandchildren can participate in our annual Youth Drama Camp

  • Attending summer social events

Please download, print and fill out our Membership Form to get started.


We have many opportunities to volunteer. Perform on stage*, serve on committees, get involved in any of the numerous aspects of producing our performances*.

Every production requires the skills, talents and efforts of many people. We learn from and teach each other, with the goal of providing the best possible theater experience, both for our volunteers and patrons. Many good times and friends await you with Pinewood Players!

Serve on Committees

Box Office

Assist in selling tickets to our productions.

General Construction

Assist with making repairs and improvements to the playhouse.



Paint the interior of the playhouse and or production sets and make electrical improvements and repairs.

Play Selection

Read potential scripts and recommend plays to be performed each season.



Prepare and distribute flyers, articles for newspapers and other media and find advertising support from sponsors.



Work with Scholarship Chair to promote the Scholarship Program, raise funds, solicit applications, and select awardees.


Social Activities/Parties

Plan Wrap Party at the end of the season


Theater Housekeeping

Assist with general upkeep, vacuuming, cleaning the theater, and organizing storage facilities.


Youth Drama Camp

Assist with supervising children involved in our 3-week Drama Camps.


Participate in Productions


Play keyboard or other musical instruments.



Experience the joy of performing on stage in one of our three adult plays each season. Come and audition!


Cast Party

Plan the party that follows each production.



Make costumes or alter existing costumes for our actors/actresses.


Hair & Make-Up

Style hair and apply make-up on actors/actresses.



Develop a lighting cue list and run house, stage, and spotlights during the play.



Gather the props needed for the play. Organize the props during the shows to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.


Set Construction

Assist in building sets for shows.


Set Dressing

Help find and arrange furniture and accessories for a set.


Set Painting

Apply paint to walls and other items used on stage.



Develop a cue list as to when sounds need to happen in the play. Control stage and personal microphones during the shows.


Stage Manager*

Responsible for everything that happens backstage during the run of the play. Supervises stage assistants.


Stage Manager Assistants

Change scenes, get actors in place to ensure timely entrance on stage, help with costume changes, etc.



Help seat people and hand out playbills before the play begins. Sell food and drinks during play intermissions.



Videotape a performance of our shows.



Help in any of the above areas as the need arises.

*Denotes preference given to members of both Pinewood Players and Pinewood Country Club


Please download, print and fill out our Membership Form to get started.


Make a Donation

A major portion of our support comes from donations.

We have the Annual Donor Program for capital improvements. Our members have been very generous over the years and have become a substantial part of our fundraising needs. There are four levels of donations that are recognized in performance programs under the following categories:


Donation of $50 and up


Theater Lovers

Donation of $100 and up



Donation of $250 and up


Donation of $500 and up

Donations of $250 or more can receive two tickets for each of the adult productions for the season, if desired. Pinewood Players is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your tax-deductible donation will be the amount donated less the value of the benefits you receive, such as free tickets.

You can specify all or any portion of the donation to support capital improvements, the Pinewood Players Scholarship Program and/or the Youth Drama Camp. 

Mail form and check to:

Pinewood Players, Inc.
PO Box 18484
Munds Park, AZ 86017

Please download and fill out our Membership Form to get started.


Contact Anne Hess, Membership Chairperson
(626) 664-0054 or

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